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Magazine Designer

Don’t know where to start?

What about design and production?

What about printing or web publishing?

What about advertising?
What are the costs involved?
Can I make money out of publishing?

Is your magazine going to be weekly, monthly or quarterly?

How many pages is your magazine?

Magazine pages are in multiples of four e.g. 36, 38, 42 etc etc
The covers are usually glossy for impact and include the pages
(back cover, inside front and inside back) usually full page adverts

As a rule about 30% of your pages should be advertising.

The amount of words you can fit on a page will depend on your magazine design.

Ask your designer to give you a word count based on your chosen page layout.

Photos need to be high resolution and a minimum of 300dpi (dots per inch)

You can buy suitable images from internet photo libraries like
Make sure there is a good balance between images and text.

Structure your content so magazine is balanced (don’t put all the ads together).

Use the centre spread for a high impact feature article.


What’s going in your magazine?

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