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Don’t know where to start?

What about content (words and pictures)?

What about design and production?

What about printing or web publishing?

What are the costs involved?
Can I make money out of publishing?

Selling advertising space in your magazine is how you’re going to make your money.

Your project will succeed or fail on your ability to part your advertisers from their cash.

You have to be a good sales person. After all. Why should they advertise with you?

Be prepared to do deals. Don’t open with your best price. Offer discounts for early payment. You need to have a rate card (see a sample by clicking here) as a starting point. Why not offer a multiple advert deal where the first advert is for FREE? Get competing companies to advertise in your magazine. Once companies see their competitors advertising with you they are more likely to be open to your persuasions.

You should always try to get your advertisers to supply their own artwork.


Selling your advertising space

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