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Magazine Designer

Don’t know where to start?

What about content (words and pictures)?

What about printing or web publishing?

What about advertising?

What are the costs involved?
Can I make money out of publishing?

You need to get the services of a good graphic designer. Choose a graphic designer

who has a portfolio with work that you like. If your are serious most designers will do you a sample page layout for FREE.

How the information flows is a key part to keeping costs down and meeting your deadline. To help with communication I use and online flat plan (click here to see)

This is a fantastic tool for sorting out problems and leaving little notes.

Find a good quality printer. Try and get one by recommend. Ask your graphic designer who he uses. I use a printer who specialises in magazine production and always found the quality to be good. Just a word of warning (don’t choose your printer on price only).


What about design and production?

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