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Magazine Designer

What about content (words and pictures)?

What about design and production?

What about printing or web publishing?

What about advertising?
What are the costs involved?
Can I make money out of publishing?

You need to start with an idea a lot of passion and bucket loads of determination.

Know your subject matter well. Think about your readers and advertisers.

What would make YOU want to advertise in your magazine?

What would make YOU want to buy your magazine?

Research your market. Evaluate the competition.

Be different, innovate and engage with your readers.

Make sure you know how you’re going to distribute your magazine.

Is your magazine going to be FREE? or. Are you going to sell it via retail or subscription?
Do your sums add up?

You are going to need a lump of cash to get you going.

If you’re a new business you are going to have to pay people up-front for their services. If you bargain hard you way get away with paying a portion up front.


Where do you start?

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